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Even if you are someone who has the expertise to manage finances, when you are living on back to back pay cheques, there might come a point when you run short of funds. if, for some reason, money they you have saved for rainy days has already been drained then you might be in a big problem. What if your next paycheque is still a far distant dream? No need no panic. Just come to us an apply for 12 Month Loans and revive your off the track monetary life. At 12 Month Loans Xpress, you can get contacted with 12 Month Loans Lenders who can offer you easy finances ahead of your upcoming payday.

When you have made up your mind to apply through for us additional funds then there is nothing you should worry for 12 Month Loans that we offer can be gained without any hassle. People who are dependent on monthly salary can count on 12 Month Payday Loans for accomplishing middle month and month end cash woes. Amount that you will be getting is sufficient for fulfilling several of your impending tasks that cannot see the light of the day because of cash shortage. 12 Month Loans can be used for paying house rent, pending bills or getting car repaired. Any situation that seeks your immediate attention can be accomplished with this money.

We understand that people who are suffering from poor credit history find it intricate a task to get money during times of financial predicament. However, that was the case a few years back. When you apply through us for additional funds you can be assured to get money in the form of Bad Credit Loans. We never reject application submitted by you provided you meet the eligibility conditions set up by the lenders who are working with us.

Enlisted are a few pre-requisites that you need to meet if you want to apply for 12 Month Loans through us;

A borrower must not be lower than 18 years of age

He/she must be working and getting fixed salary

He must have a bank account

He must be a citizen of United Kingdom

When it comes to paying back amount taken as loan there is no need for you to worry as you have ample time of one year to repay leaned amount. However there are circumstances where borrowers are not able to repay 12 Month Loans within the specified time. For such borrowers, we have made the provision for extension.

Apply for 12 Month Loans by simply visiting us and bury off your problems without delay.